Nutrition by Season... A Smart Approach!
Did you know that there is such a thing as "seasonal nutrition"?  Most of us take supplements that we consider our "core supplements" that help us to have foundational support for our wellness.  These are a must in this modern-day world because the nutritional value of our food is so diminished due to short-cuts to create more money, more food per acre - which gives us less nutrition to nourish our bodies.  Hence, we supplement with much needed nutriments. 

Additionally, there are seasonal things we should be doing to support our wellness. Different seasons require different approaches.
Here's what we know about seasons and how they relate to different body systems.

  • Fall - best time for additional support for Large Intestine/Colon and Lungs
  • Winter - best time for additional support for Kidney & Bladder
  • Spring - best time for additional support for Liver & Gallbladder
  • Summer - best time for additional support for Adrenals and Heart
Young Living has Core Supplements for everyday use, and we also have Seasonal Supplements that coincide with these body systems.  If you want to learn more about which supplements you might want to try for a season, get this Supplements for Seasons download.  

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