Beautiful Skin

Beautiful Skin
I don't know about you, but I really abused my skin in my younger days.  By all reasonable thought, I should have the worst skin in the world - sun damaged and stressed to the max!  

Luckily for me, I realized at some point in my 40s that it was time to start taking better care of it.  I started eating healthier, managing my stress (as best I could, anyway) and cleaning my skin with gentle products on a regular basis.  I still didn't understand that the ingredients in skin care products is critically important - you can find lots of products that make your skin feel nice and even look better; but when you research the ingredients, you find they have harsh chemicals in them that are known to cause health problems.

Enter Young Living, plant based skin care products infused with amazing essential oils, as well as their new CBD Beauty Boost and voila!  You can improve your skin even after you hit middle age!  (Whatever that is these days... LOL) 

It's never too late to take care of your skin and reverse damage from years of less than ideal choices.  Believe me, I'm living proof!  If you want to know my favorite products that keep my skin youthful click on this link and fill out the form.  

Take care of your skin with Plant Based approaches - you're worth it!

Here's a shortcut to set up a Young Living Account with my favorite products (for those who don't have an account yet).  Keep in mind that your 24% discount will not show up until you get to the Checkout process. 

Have you thought about making a few changes to eliminate harsh chemicals from your environment but just didn't know where to start?  Click on the link below to get access to my Simple Start to Natural Living!

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