Inflammation and Nightshade Vegetables - Is There a Link?

Inflammation and Nightshade Vegetables - Is There a Link?
I've always been told that having Hashimoto's Thyroiditis - an autoimmune attack on the thyroid - I should avoid nightshade vegetables, as they were said to cause more inflammation in the body.  Somehow that just didn't resonate with me.  I do believe that some people may have food sensitivities to nightshades, and that's probably how this "school of thought" got started.  

Here's an article that I found resonates much more with my personal opinion on the matter.

Despite being told that nightshades were a problem, I continued to eat some of them on a continual basis - especially tomatoes - I mean, what is a salad without tomatoes?  I no longer have to take thyroid medications with their side effects, and I am able to maintain good thyroid levels in my body with the right supplements and support.  

I believe if we listen to our bodies, we will know what is a problem for us and what is not.  We are all different and have different needs.  Trying to ask what is the right diet for this condition or that diagnosis is not as simple as "do this, and don't do that".  It's time we paid attention to our own bodies and do our own research and use our common sense when it comes to any health challenge - including autoimmune issues.  

Inflammation is a huge culprit and must be addressed.  If you are wanting to feel better, have a healthy functioning immune system that understands the "good guys" from the "bad guys" and only goes after the bad ones - you must pay attention to, and do all you can to eliminate inflammation in the body!  There are many things we can do, and I will be covering some of these over the months to come.  

It's time to take charge of your wellness!  Join me as we explore inflammation and what we can do about it! 
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