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Health Assessment Technology

Let's talk about a new leading-edge health assessment technology - TOI (transdermal optical imaging)! The result is a fast, accurate biosurvey that provides a wealth of information, including recommendations on supplements and more.   What is a biosurvey? At some point in the past you've likely filled out a survey or a series of questions that you provide answers to.  A biosurvey is essentially the same process, only you don't answer the questions ~ your body answers them via transdermal optical imaging!

Unlock the power of your mobile device and take control of your well-being with our limited time offer of a complimentary scan. 

Introducing a revolutionary mobile app that empowers you to obtain key wellness information effortlessly.

1. Get Key Wellness Information in 30 Seconds: Experience the speed and convenience of our scan, providing you with valuable insights into your overall wellness. In just half a minute, gain a snapshot of your health like never before.

2. Run a Biosurvey from home.  Take charge of your well-being, no matter where you are.

3. No External Hardware Required: Forget about complicated devices or expensive equipment. Our mobile app leverages the power of your Android or Apple device, eliminating the need for any external hardware. Enjoy the simplicity of accessing vital health information with just a few taps on your smartphone or tablet.

4. Accurate and Non-Invasive: Rest assured knowing our scan provides accurate results without any invasive procedures. Our advanced technology utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze the data collected from your device, ensuring reliable and trustworthy wellness insights.

5. Access Personalized Biosurvey Reports: Say goodbye to generic advice and embrace personalized wellness. Our app generates comprehensive reports tailored to your unique needs. Unlock the secrets to optimizing your health, uncover potential areas for improvement, and receive practical recommendations designed just for you.

Get personalized reports
  • Vital measurements - Heart rate, HRV, Breathing rate, Skin age, & Mental stress
  • 180+ biomarker measurements
  • Biomarker responses with top products by category - Systems, Lifestyle areas, & Emotions
  • Top overall products and wellness services
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