Seasonal Solutions and a Sale!
It's that time of year again, and my allergies are letting me know about it!  Pollens & dust, as well as mold spores, just give me fits, and I'm always thankful for the tools I have that help me avoid taking a bunch of over-the-counter meds with their side effects.   I've even been able to get off all prescription meds and allergy shots, too!  

Although, when the pollens start flying, like they are around here right now, I hit those allergies with all my natural solutions to stay on top of it! 

And with Spring we also get our Young Living Spring Sale!  To learn more about the sale items where you can save up to 40% off select products, click on the two links at the end of this post.  

I'm super excited about a brand new Essential Oil Blend that Young Living is coming out with Saturday, April 15th!  It's called Seasonal Essentials, and it has my usual trio of oils that I use (Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint) as well as Goldenrod and Eucalyptus Blue! Talk about a powerhouse for seasonal challenges!  

Let's dive a little deeper into the oils in this blend to see why I'm so excited!

Lavender has constituents in it that work to help combat that histamine response in the body (which is what causes the sneezing, itching eyes and mucus).
Lemon has mucus clearing properties that help keep that mucus under control!
Peppermint helps to calm the inflammation in the mucous membranes that makes you feel stopped up and clogs your breathing. 
Goldenrod has antioxidant, antimicrobial and antifungal properties and has been used for allergic rhinitis!
Eucalyptus Blue is high in 1.8-cineole and is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.  Eucalyptus helps to thin out the mucus and phlegm and also acts as a vasodilator to increase the circulation of blood through the vessels.  

Seasonal Essentials is designed to support the body and the respiratory system throughout the seasonal shifts and challenges.  This one oil blend can be used topically, diffused, or taken in a capsule, as it is approved as a supplement!  It is a permanent addition to the YL oil collection and will definitely be one that I keep on hand at all times! 

Let's explore the versatility of the oil blend a little more!

  • Apply a few drops under the nose for a refreshing breathing experience!
  • Apply to chest before getting in the shower, or add to Epsom Salts in the corner of the shower and let the steam turn your shower into a spa treatment!
  • Put a couple of drops in the palms of your hands and cup them over your nose and breathe in this amazing oil blend
  • Diffuse for a pleasant breathing experience
  • Add a few drops to a bowl of steaming hot water and breathe it in, putting a towel over your head to capture the steam
  • Add 1-5 drops to a veggie capsule and top of with V6 or coconut oil to support a healthy respiratory system
  • Add a drop or 2 to a spoonful of honey and make a refreshing tea
  • Add a drop to your water 
  • Use a drop on your tongue to freshen your breath
Other things you can do to help your body deal with the challenges of the seasons:
  • Drink plenty of good, filtered water
  • Get moderate exercise (if pollen counts are high, exercise indoors)
  • Change those filters in your air conditioner frequently
  • Keep those diffusers going in your home and use oils that support better breathing.
  • If you're outside when pollen counts are high, make sure to change your clothes as soon as you go inside and wash what you were wearing - then take a shower and shampoo your hair right away to get the pollen off your body and out of your hair!  (This one tip has made a huge difference for me).
In addition to this new oil, Seasonal Essentials - we also have another new oil blend, Red Cedar Bliss, which I'll talk about more in my next blog!  More on these here:  

In the meantime, there's a SALE going on from April 15th through the 20th, while supplies last! (starting at 11 am ET April 15th) and the two links below will give you all the details.  When you're ready to start shopping, if you do not yet have a Young Living account set up, just CLICK HERE and start shopping!  By using my referral link, you will also get access to my personal Treasure Trove of Oily Education and lots more perks!

Bring on Spring!


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