Measuring Progress
How many times have you started a new “fitness regimen” only to give up because you can’t see the results quickly enough?  I know I’ve been guilty of not sticking with something long enough because, you see, I admit it…… I’m impatient!
I often tell people that we have to do something for at least 90 days, consistently, before deciding that it’s not working, because in 90 days your whole body, every cell, has been replaced with new cells.  But staying with something for 90 days can be challenging when you don’t see results happening.  

I’ve got a new “toy” on the way – Amazon Prime should have it here in two days – and I can’t wait to use it.  It’s a scale that gives me insight into things going on in my body that I may not be aware of.  How many times have we told ourselves that we need to drink more water, but we don’t because we don’t feel thirsty.  What if you could “see” what your hydration level was?  Do you think that might influence you to drink more water when you’re not thirsty if you could actually see that you were dehydrated?

Or what about if you could actually see on a daily basis what your exercise is doing to your body fat index?  If you could see that it was actually changing before the results were reflected in your weight, or how your clothes fit; do you think you would be more likely to be consistent?

How about how your supplements are working?  If there was evidence that things were better, even when you couldn’t “feel it” yet – would you be more consistent and stick with it longer?

Well, I’m going to give this puppy a try, and I will come back to you in follow-up blog posts with how it’s going!  If you want to check it out for yourself, here’s a link

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