Are Your Emotions Sabotaging Your Health?
Have you ever experienced emotions so strong that you got a lump in your throat or an upset stomach?  I'm certain you know exactly what I'm talking about - it's happened to all of us, probably more than we care to acknowledge.  We usually just tough it out and wait for the feeling to pass, and push on in life.  But today I want to talk about the long-term effects of repressed emotions and how they can affect our body systems and our health. 

I was first introduced to this concept years ago as a massage therapist and sharing Dr. John Sarno's book, "Healing Back Pain" with my clients.  There was one gentleman, in particular, who came to see me on a recommendation of one of my clients.  He had severe back pain and had been to ALL the doctors and done ALL the things - you know, cortisone shots, physical therapy, everything short of surgery, all to no avail.  His doctors were telling him that if he didn't have major back surgery, he was going to end up in a wheelchair with a colostomy bag.  This man was a welder and had to close his business because of his back pain.  He was desperate for help, and he was adamant that he didn't want any surgery!  (Truthfully, I don't know if I would be as resolute as he was against his doctors' advice, but he was NOT having surgery).

I was able to help him alleviate some of his back pain through the things I had to offer in my massage practice and essential oils; but I also knew it was a temporary fix.  I didn't know much about this man, but his stoic presence told me there was something much deeper going on, on an emotional level, and I told him about Sarno's book.  I told a lot of my clients about the book - all of them actually - and probably two out of dozens actually went out and bought the book and read it.  (It was a very inexpensive paperback book)  To his credit, he not only went out and bought the book that day, but he also messaged me and thanked me.  He said he thought the book was going to help him.  A couple of weeks later I received a dozen roses from him, along with a letter that he wrote to me about all the emotional burdens he was dealing with for the past few years.  He said he was "back to work" and that I literally saved his life by telling him about the book.  I never saw him again, but that was one of my greatest success stories as a massage therapist, because he was determined to find a way to heal himself and he wasn't afraid to look into things that the medical mainstream didn't offer him. 

Why am I telling you this story?  Because we all have more power over our health than we realize, if we just open our eyes and ears to possibilities.  You don't necessarily have to be a victim of a diagnosis.  

Most people have no idea how much our repressed emotions affect our health on every level.  We don't put the pieces together regarding emotions and cancer, or emotions and autoimmune diseases, or emotions and physical pain.  We are told that we have "arthritis" or some other diagnosis and we are often told it's here to stay; and then we are prescribed some physical therapy, or pain meds, or whatever else....  but rarely do you find the doctor that tells you about the role of emotions and disease.  It's real, and if you choose not to ignore it, you can have so much more power over your circumstances than you ever thought possible.  

Did you know that there are ways to measure your emotions and their impact on your wellness with Transdermal Optical Imaging?  Yep!  I offer facial scans using TOI, which combines facial blood-flow analysis with biomarker and product responses to provide a wealth of information about your health and wellness.  The beautiful thing is, you can do this scan in the comfort of your home, using your smart phone in a matter of minutes!  You’ll not only be able to see measurements such as heart rate, skin age and mental stress from the face scan, but will also be able to see which body biomarkers, lifestyle areas, and emotions require support

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To Your Health!

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