Introducing Red Cedar Bliss Essential Oil Blend: Your Ticket to Cozy Tranquility!

If you're looking for a comforting and grounding essential oil blend that can support your overall wellness and immune system, look no further than Red Cedar Bliss. This blend is a beautiful combination of Orange, Clove, Laurus Nobilis, Helichrysum, Frankincense, and Western Red Cedar oils, which come together to create a warm and evergreen aroma that will transport you to a peaceful countryside cabin.

But Red Cedar Bliss isn't just a pleasant scent - it's also packed with antioxidants and other health-promoting properties that make it an incredibly valuable tool for physical, mental, and emotional health. Each of the key ingredients in this blend has its own unique benefits:
  • Orange: High in limonene, a constituent known for immune support, and with a sweet and uplifting aroma.
  • Clove: A powerhouse antioxidant that can protect the brain, heart, lungs, and immune system.
  • Laurus Nobilis: Offers cleansing properties and provides immune support when taken as a dietary supplement.
  • Helichrysum: Soothes inflammation in the body and emotions, and can help process and release the effects of trauma.
  • Frankincense: Enhances immunological function, beautifies skin, and increases spiritual awareness.
  • Western Red Cedar: Beneficial for the emotions, respiratory system, and skin, and great for opening and soothing airways in the presence of allergens.
So how can you use Red Cedar Bliss in your daily life? Here are just a few ideas:
  • Add a drop to a veggie capsule to support your immune system.
  • Dilute and massage a few drops into your skin for a moment of harmony and peace.
  • Diffuse to fill your space with a cheerful, spicy-citrus aroma.
  • Add a few drops to the floor of your shower for a spa-like experience.
  • Add to a teaspoon of honey or a mug of hot tea for a supplement boost.
  • Apply topically to the head, neck, and chest to inhale its stimulating yet soothing aroma.
And if you're feeling creative, you can try making a DIY oral spray or experimenting with different diffuser combinations to customize your experience even further. The possibilities are endless!
Overall, Red Cedar Bliss is a must-have essential oil blend for anyone looking to bring a little more tranquility and wellness into their lives. So why not give it a try and see how it can benefit you?

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  1. It sounds absolutely amazing. Can't wait to try it. I am I'll be ordering in May. Thank you for all that you do for us.
    Jacqueline McLaughlin AUTHOR  04/24/2023 03:48 PM Central
    I know! I think my order got lost - checking into it now...
  2. A peaceful countryside caban sounds awesome.
    Jacqueline McLaughlin AUTHOR  04/21/2023 06:42 AM Central
    Yes Eddy - when you can't actually be in a peaceful countryside cabin, might as well create an atmosphere that reminds you of it!
  3. Jacque Seastedt  04/20/2023 10:11 PM Central
    Sounds wonderful!
    Jacqueline McLaughlin AUTHOR  04/21/2023 06:41 AM Central
    Thanks, Jacque - mine is on the way, and I'm looking forward to it!
  4. I can’t wait to try that oil blend!! It sounds heavenly!
    Jacqueline McLaughlin AUTHOR  04/21/2023 06:42 AM Central
    Me, too, Jeanne! Mine should be here any day now!
  5. Sounds like another winner from YL!
    Jacqueline McLaughlin AUTHOR  04/20/2023 03:38 PM Central
    It is, Mary! Next time I see you, you can check it out!

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