Romance and Oils
Valentine's Day is all about Romance, and romance should not be saved for one day a year.  Using essential oils to create a "mood" is a fun way to let go of the stresses of everyday living and relax into a romantic evening (or anytime)!  Don't buy cheap oils and expect them to have the same effect - in fact, they could create more stress because even if they say 100% pure on the bottle, it doesn't mean they don't have synthetic ingredients in them that can create unwanted side effects - don't use a cheap oil, or you might hear something like, "Not tonight, dear, I have a headache!" 

Here's some of my favorite oils for dealing with stress and to create a relaxing atmosphere:  Stress Away, Lavender, Cedarwood, Orange. Try one of these Young Living oils in a diffuser, relax and enjoy!

If you want an alluring blend of oils that is not too sweet, that creates a mood of flirtation and tenderness, try the Young Living blend called Sensation!  It is sensational!  Ladies can wear it like a cologne, or diffuse it in the bedroom.

For the man of the house,  the blend called Shutran is formulated for a man to wear like a cologne or aftershave, and the ladies love it!  This blend is loaded with Idaho Blue Spruce, as well as Hinoki and Ylang Ylang - amazing combination!  

Now, start using some Young Living oils to create Romance year round - don't wait for Valentine's Day! 
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