Make the World a Better Place!
Science and medicine have made some incredible discoveries and treatments over the years, and they continue to amaze us with the things they can do today.  But that hasn't put a dent in the rising cancer rates in our world today - and they won't be able to stop this rising tide until we do something about the cause of it!  

Could it be that our world of toxicity found in everyday products that people assume are safe, because they are sold in their local grocery store, is actually the key to conquering cancer and other diseases (think autoimmune issues)?  

It has been shown over and over that this is the likely explanation - and yet, the powers that be say it's safe because of the small amount of said "cancer-causing" ingredients is so small that it doesn't pose a significant risk.  Based on WHAT, exactly?  Tests that shows what happens when someone uses said products every day, over and over again - and multiple products with the same "safe" amount of harsh chemical ingredients?  Nope - don't have them.  

Here's a great little 3-min video that everyone should watch - 55 chemicals from unknown origin found in pregnant women and passed on to their babies!  

The good news is, we can change our buying habits and start replacing all these harsh-chemical laden personal care and cleaning products with safe and effect plant-based cleaning products.  I have found a source for just that and have been very satisfied with the quality and effectiveness, as well as the price-point of these plant-based shampoos, lotions, soaps, dish-washing liquid, laundry soap, cleaning solution, toothpaste, deodorant and even makeup - so satisfied with them, in fact, that I've been using them for 19+ years!  

Have you heard of people making money with affiliate marketing?  (Think Amazon affiliate links).  Well, that's a lot like what I do today, because I love the products I have discovered.  It all happened quite by accident.  I didn't want to sell stuff to people, but I sure don't mind telling them where to find the things I've tried and love!  They can choose it..... or not.  And I also love helping people find solutions that work for them and their individual needs.  That's what I do to make the world a better place.  What about you? 

People often ask me what my Favorite YL Products are.  That really kind of depends on a lot of factors - what may be my favorite today could be different than yesterday, depending on what's going on in my life.  But if you want to know the Young Living products that I absolutely USE every single day.... click the button below for My Daily Favorites! 


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