In the hustle and bustle of life, we often find ourselves entangled in webs of negative thoughts, impacting our well-being and vitality. Today I’m going to share with you some ways to break free from these cycles and cultivate a positive outlook on life.

We are going to delve into an empowering technique to shift negative thought patterns that can be habitual and harmful to your emotional and physical health and well-being.  This technique can be done anywhere, anytime, and the use of essential oils is optional.  Adding the recommended oils increases effectiveness and shifts negative thinking faster; but employing the techniques by themselves is a powerful way to shift negative thoughts. 

Let's embark on a journey to recognize, redirect, and release negativity, embracing a brighter perspective.
Step 1: Observe with Courage
Find a moment of stillness and courageously become an observer of your thoughts. Imagine watching them pass by like clouds in the sky. This perspective shift allows you to detach from the emotional grip of negative thinking and offers room for clarity to emerge. As you embark on this journey, consider using Valor, an essential oil blend that supports you in courageously facing your thoughts.  Just a few drops in the palm of your hand, bringing both hands towards the face and nose to gently inhale through the nose will begin to help you calm your mind and focus on being an observer of thoughts, rather than getting lost in the spiral of negative thoughts.  Putting Valor on the bottom of the feet will also encourage a feeling of grounding and stability.

Step 2:  Allow the Feeling of Harmony
Acknowledge any negative thoughts you observe without “owning” them as your truth.  They are just thoughts, and you are not your thoughts.   Learn to turn away from any negative thoughts by changing your focus.  Focus on your breath, on the things in nature around you – observe things other than your negative thoughts.  Apply Harmony™ essential oil blend to your heart center and inhale the oil from your hands like you did with Valor and allow the thoughts and feelings of “harmony” to come into focus. 

Step 3:  Embrace Forgiveness
Forgiveness is a key step in the process of changing negative thought patterns.  When you recognize thoughts of shame, anger, guilt or blame, whether at yourself or someone else, choose to forgive.  Apply Forgiveness essential oil blend to the navel area and visualize any negative emotions of anger, guilt, etc. vaporizing and leaving the body in smoke and disappearing.
Step 4: Recognize and Release
The journey to positivity starts with recognizing the destructive nature of certain thoughts. These thoughts serve no purpose other than to drain your energy and rob you of happiness. By acknowledging their presence, you lay the foundation for positive change.  Choose the act of “Letting Go” as you release these thought patterns and refocus on your breath, nature around you, things you are grateful for. Release™ is a blend which aids in letting go of emotional burdens, freeing you from the weight of harmful ideas.  Applying Release™ essential oil blend to the chakra points (if you are familiar with them) or over the liver (the right side of your body, under the ribcage) is a good way to allow negative emotions to release, rather than holding those emotions physically in the body.  

Step 5: Redirect Your Focus
Redirecting your focus away from those negative thoughts and towards something positive is really not difficult – it just may require some repetition. By doing so, you're diverting your consciousness – your lifeblood – from feeding those thoughts. This redirection weakens the grip of negativity. Present Time™ is an essential oil blend that can assist you in grounding your focus on the present moment.  Apply it to the wrists and behind the ears, and again inhale through the nose and allow the mind to focus on the present moment – Engage with your breath, the sensations within your body, or the beauty of nature.

Step 6: Breathe & Connect
Pause to take a deep breath, feeling the life force flowing within you. Recognize that you are not defined by the stories your mind weaves. You are the intelligence that orchestrates the symphony of your body and thoughts.  Apply Inner Child™ essential oil blend just under the nose to assist you in reconnecting with the authenticity and purity that lies within you.

Step 7:  Lock in Positivity with Courage
Choose to be courageous and constantly monitor your thoughts routinely.  By taking just a few moments to check in with yourself and become aware of your thoughts allows you to choose whether or not they will rule your emotions and your choices throughout the day.  If you are choosing to use any or all of the oils mentioned above, end with Valor for the courage to face your thoughts and change them, and to feel grounded in the process.

Nurture Resilience Through Awareness
Consistently practice redirecting your focus and integrating the power of essential oils into your routine. Over time, you'll find your ability to stay aware growing stronger. The mind's ability to grip and mold your emotions starts to wane, replaced by a newfound resilience. 

Stay the Course with Consistency
Breaking the cycle of negative thoughts requires dedication, but the rewards are boundless. By recognizing harmful patterns, observing with courage, and embracing the support of Young Living essential oils, you pave the way for a brighter, more positive mindset. Remember, you have the power to shape your thoughts, and with the harmony of mindfulness and the natural properties of essential oils, you're equipped to elevate your mindset and embrace a life filled with positivity and renewed energy.

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Whether you choose to use essential oils or not, you can change your life by implementing this strategy of awareness and choosing to shift your focus.  Try it, and make a commitment to yourself to be consistently checking in to your thoughts and becoming aware - that's the first and most important step in changing our negative thoughts to a more positive outlook on life.  

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