Advancements in technology have transformed the way we approach healthcare and wellness. One such innovation is ZYTO Biofeedback scans, a cutting-edge technology that utilizes transdermal optical imaging (TOI) to capture video and analyze facial blood-flow patterns. Let's delve into the fascinating capabilities of ZYTO Link and how it revolutionizes health and wellness assessment.

1. Video Capture using TOI:
The ZYTO Biofeedback scan harnesses the power of your smartphone camera to capture video and analyze blood-flow patterns in your face. This non-invasive approach provides valuable insights into your health and wellness by studying key indicators in real-time. TOI (Transdermal Optical Imaging - Google it!) technology, through facial blood-flow analysis, offers a wealth of information that can be utilized for a comprehensive assessment.  These measurements are comparable to traditional methods used to assess cardiovascular health and stress levels. Notably, research has demonstrated that TOI heart-rate measurements are highly accurate, with a variance of only +/- 1 beat per minute compared to electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements.
ZYTO Biofeedback scans measure a variety of health and wellness indicators based on facial blood-flow analysis:
2. Biomarker Scan for Personalized Insights:
The facial blood-flow analysis obtained through TOI is integrated into the ZYTO scanning algorithm. This algorithm assigns a priority score to each biomarker in the extensive library. By establishing a baseline or "resting" score, the app identifies biomarkers that are out of range or within range. This data provides personalized insights into your body's specific needs and areas that require attention.

3. Wellness Reports for Informed Decision-Making:
Upon completion of the scan, ZYTO generates comprehensive reports that summarize your vital measurements, the number of out-of-range biomarkers, and insights into specific body systems and lifestyle areas. These reports offer a visual representation of your wellness status and provide a roadmap to help you make informed decisions. By identifying top products and services that can address out-of-range biomarkers, ZYTO assists in optimizing your wellness journey.

The ZYTO Biofeedback scan and its transdermal optical imaging technology bring a new dimension to health and wellness assessment. By leveraging the power of facial blood-flow analysis, this innovative approach provides personalized insights, comprehensive reports, and actionable recommendations. Whether you are aiming to enhance your cardiovascular health, manage stress levels, or improve overall well-being, ZYTO empowers you to make informed decisions and achieve your wellness goals efficiently and effectively.

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