Hormones & Emotional Wellness
Hormones & Emotions
Most of us are familiar with serotonin and dopamine, our “happy” hormones.  Serotonin controls our neurotransmitters in the body and brain and helps us regulate and stabilize shifting emotions.  (You know, that roller coaster feeling)
About 90% of our serotonin is actually produced in the gut via the peripheral nervous system! In fact, many refer to our gut as our “second brain.” 

In order for the gut to be able to produce and maintain adequate levels of serotonin we must nourish our gut by avoiding foods we may be sensitive to; managing our stress levels; making sure to get ample amounts of prebiotics and probiotics; and trying not to have to take prescription drugs that can wreak havoc on our gut.  (The best way to avoid prescription drugs is to be proactive in your wellness routine)
Establishing daily routines that nourish our gut health is the key to establishing and maintaining our “second brain” in tip-top shape.
Food cravings can be an indicator of low serotonin levels, such as sugar.  Sugary foods can provide a quick pick-me-up; but the negative effects, like the sugar crash afterwards, or the detrimental effects of sugar to our health, are not worth it.  
Here are some guidelines for maintaining good gut health, and consequently, ideal serotonin production for emotional wellness: 
  • Movement (even gentle stretching first thing in the morning)  Moderate, regular exercise is best.
  • Eliminate inflammatory foods (sugar, cooking oils that are commercially produced, like canola oil, sunflower seed oil, etc.)
  • Include ample amounts of prebiotic foods in your diet (garlic, onions, Ningxia wolfberries)
  • Eat whole foods that are nutrient dense
  • Take a premium probiotic like Young Living’s Life 9
  • Include enzymes in your supplements, like Young Living’s Essentialzyme or Essentialzyme-4
  • Get ample fiber with Young Living’s ICP Daily
  • Include supplements that keep things moving – like Digest & Cleanse and ComforTone from Young Living.  
Every little thing you do to improve your wellness can reap huge rewards over time.  Our wellness doesn't usually just fall apart overnight - it's more like an accumulation of bad habits and poor choices that is most often our downfall.  The good news is, by establishing good habits, we can usually turn things around.  There's no time better than TODAY to get started.  
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