What You Should Know About "Clean Beauty"
Did you know Europe has banned over 1,300 ingredients for cosmetic use, while the U.S. has only banned 11?
In today’s world, in the U.S., there are lots of chemical ingredients in skin care and personal use products that can be harmful to your health.   Many of these ingredients have been linked to things like hormone disruption, cancer, and skin irritation. 
You’ve probably heard of “Greenwashing” where marketing tactics make you think that a product is “green” when actually it is full of a lot of these same harmful ingredients.  In the beauty industry, the same is true for “Clean beauty,” which is a marketing technique to make you think the product is “clean” when in fact it isn’t.  “Clean beauty” is a largely unregulated term in the beauty industry.
What You Should Know
There is no universal definition of clean beauty, as it's not regulated by the U.S. government. In Europe and Canada, the government better regulates what can and can't be in beauty products. The European Union has even banned more than 1,300 ingredients for cosmetic use, while the United States has banned only 11, according to the CSC, or Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.
Congress is supposedly looking at several bills that aim to ban 11 of the most toxic ingredients—among them mercury, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, phenylenediamines (hair-dye chemicals), and the entire class of PFAS, or “forever” chemicals. If these bills are passed, it would also require beauty companies to disclose their flavor and fragrance ingredients and ensure supply-chain transparency.  Of course, that is IF it’s actually passed.  I am certain there is a huge lobby trying to prevent it, so…. We’ll see. 
It is more important than ever to truly know what is in your skin care and personal care products, because bioaccumulation is REAL!   What is bioaccumulation?  Small exposures to these ingredients on a regular basis, over time, causes these harmful ingredients to accumulate in the body’s organs and tissues and create a body burden that can no longer be tolerated and your health is affected. 
Look for plant-based products that reveal their ingredients openly.  Anytime a label says “fragrance” you can rest assured that is a chemical soup that you do not want on or in your body. 
I have spent years looking at ingredient labels and that’s why in our home we only use plant-based products, with full disclosure of all the ingredients, from Young Living.  The Seed to Seal guarantee applies to all their products, and testing is HUGE - I've seen it in action.  

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I've seen firsthand how important it is to eliminate all these chemical ingredients from my home, including my cleaning products, laundry products and personal care products.  It literally changed my life and my health when I did so.  I would love to hear from you, so feel free to comment below; and if you'd like to set up a personal complimentary wellness consult, I would love to help you.
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