Love Your Gut
The health and wellness world is all abuzz with what they are learning about "the second brain" in your body - the Gut!  They are finding that your gut is incredibly important in just about every aspect of your health!  I have found many articles by medical professionals on this topic.  One example is this one from Johns Hopkins Medicine:  The Brain-Gut Connection
Have you ever found yourself "out of sorts" or feeling moody for no apparent reason?  Research indicates that irritation in the gut may send signals to the Central Nervous System and trigger mood changes!

Research also suggests that your digestive system activity also affects your thinking skills and your memory!  
They are also discovering how signals from the digestive system affect metabolism, like raising or minimizing the risk of health conditions like Type 2 diabetes.  

Most of us have heard that 90% or more of your immune system resides in your gut.  I have been focusing on my own wellness plan and choosing to support my digestive system in a more deliberate way.  I have also created an email series to help others learn about the importance of the digestive system, all the areas of our wellness that it impacts, as well as solutions and suggestions for a healthier gut.  If you would like to receive this email series (one per day for about 2 weeks), just  Click Here.   You might be surprised at what you learn! 

To Your Health! 
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