Essential Oils & Crystals - The Perfect Pair!
I recently read a great little book (only 32 pages) by Allie Phillips, Animal Protection Attorney, Advanced Crystal Master and Essential Oils Educator, called “The Oily Crystal.”   I highly recommend it, and you can find it on her website HERE
Allie talks about how there’s great popularity in using crystals in roll-on bottles to mix your favorite essential oil concoctions, and she definitely is a fan.  AND she also talks about which crystals are safe to use this way and which ones are NOT!  

Believe it or not, some crystals have harmful, toxic components in them that you would not want dissolving in your oily roll-on and then applying to your skin.   So, if you want to use your essential oils and crystals in this way, I highly recommend you get her book.  I particularly liked reading about how to choose the right oils to pair with the crystals - fascinating stuff. 

I also listened to Allie teach on a Zoom call recently about this topic, and she recommended Silver Orange Boutique as your source for quality roll-on bottles with crystals inside.  As with everything in life, you really need to know your source - there are some people out there selling junk that look like crystals, and you want the "real deal!" 
I listened to Allie and ordered the full set of 12 roll-on bottles from Silver Orange Boutique with gemstones in each bottle that correlate with each month of the year.  Some of these same crystal-filled bottles also correlate with the chakras.  Allie's book has recipes for which oils and crystals go together for each chakra, as well as an affirmation to use with each! 

As you read Allie’s book you can learn all about which oils to pair with which crystals.  She includes some great recipes, too.  I can’t wait to try a couple of them for Shiloh (our rescue dog) for his separation issues and his over-exuberant “Guard Dog” mentality.

The picture here is of the beautiful set of roll-on bottles and accessories for each month of the year.   Now, I’m off to pair the perfect oils for each bottle based on Allie’s recommendations.  

I’ll keep you posted!   
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  1. What great information! With so much misinformation out there, it's so good to see this being shared. We can have both safe AND beautiful gemstones in our oils, no need to compromise! Great blog!
  2. Thank you SO much for blogging about this topic ... it's so important because we don't want to put unsafe crystals in liquid, like essential oils! I wrote The Oily Crystal because "we don't know what we don't know", right? Thank you for sharing!

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