Moon Phases & Emotions
The moon has a tangible effect on many things - it controls the tides of the ocean; it influences the stability of the earth’s rotation around the sun; and it can even affect the behavior of many different animals – including humans!  

Think about it – if the gravitational forces of the moon affect the ocean and the earth’s axis, it seems reasonable that it could have an affect on humans, too! 

When the moon is full, it often brings our emotions to the surface and even make them feel more amplified.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, the new moon creates more reflective periods of calm.

According to a report by the U.S. Department of Justice called “Criminal Violence: Biological Correlates & Determinants” it is asserted that studies have found a correlation between phases of the moon (particularly the full moon and the first quarter moon) and increased crime rates. 
A “New Moon” when the moon isn’t visible in the sky and there is no light, often causes people to feel tired and offers an opportunity to be more introspective, where we retreat into our emotions and reflect on our feelings.  This can be a good time for setting goals & intentions.

As the visible part of the moon expands (waxes) during the first half of its cycle, leading up to the full moon, we often have an increase in energy and motivation.  We often are motivated to start new projects and take action.  

This waxing stage, and the full moon stage can also contribute to lack of sleep.  In a 2013 study published in “Current Biology” they found that sleep can be significantly affected by lunar phases.  

Full moons can also make you feel more anxious.  The full moon can also make dreams or nightmares more intense, which can leave you feeling even more anxious.  Full moons have also been associated with causing some to become more social.

I find the phases of the moon can be very beneficial for us when we learn to go with the flow of the lunar cycles and take advantage of the energy it presents; whether that is by becoming more action oriented, or taking advantage of a period of rest.  

I have a mini-series about each moon cycle and how to smoothly transition through each cycle of the moon with the help of just the right essential oils.  Using essential oils during the different moon phases helps to ignite your energy and give a boost physically and emotionally.  The vibrational frequencies of the essential oils have powerful effects on our mind and emotions and are a helpful way to support the intentions of each lunar phase.   If you would like to receive this mini-series, you can do so by CLICKING HERE

Shoot for the Moon & Embrace a Life of Vitality!
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