Why You Shouldn't Wait to Invest in Your Future!
It is amazing to me how many people wait until they are older to invest in their future financially.  The temptation is to think that it's a long way off, when you're younger, and you think you will start "tomorrow."  Then the years slip by, and you come up with a million reasons why you can't do it just yet.  The next thing you know, your retirement years are right around the corner, and whatever savings or investments you gather now don't have time to gain in value.   The time to start saving or investing in your financial future is NOW!

Guess what, the time to invest in your future state of health is NOW, too!  When you're young and indestructible, you think you will always be that way.  Time catches up to everyone; but those who take care of their bodies NOW, and continue to make good choices about diet, exercise, and supporting your body's needs, tend to age much slower and live more vibrant lives well beyond retirement.  

I know this is true, because I can see it when I look at other people that are my age that have not invested in their wellness by making those choices which are often not the popular or convenient ones.  I decided a long time ago that I was going to invest heavily in my wellness, because without it, life would not be as enjoyable as it could be! 

What do those "investments" look like?  For me it's removing toxic cleaners, personal care products and scented air fresheners, etc. from my home; because these are the kind of things that slowly, over time, wreak havoc on our health.  

It's also regular trips to the chiropractor (even if I'm not all kinked up somewhere in my body); acupuncture, organic foods, moderate exercise, regular sessions on my Biomat, NingXia Red antioxidant infusion, and lots of supplements!  Of course, I use essential oils every day, too.  

The important thing to remember is whatever choices you make for your wellness will compound over time, just like financial investments - so, the sooner you start, and the more consistent you are, the better outcomes you can expect.  And remember, it's never too late to start!   

I personally believe that deep down a lot of people do not think they are worth it ~ and that is a huge mistake.  Every person on this planet has incredible value and is worth every little thing (or big investment) you can make in preserving your health.  When someone says to me that investing in their health is too expensive, they are telling me they are not worth it.  YOU are worth it!  

When you decide to invest in your health, it usually starts with giving up some things.  Think of it like this:  If I give up my daily Starbucks, not only will my body appreciate it, I can also use the money I save to purchase more organic foods, or quality supplements.  Or, maybe you quit going out to eat as often; you eat better quality by taking the time to fix it at home, and you again save money that can go towards investing in healthier options.  

I'll bet you can think of a whole list of things you could either give up, or do less often, that would be helping your health AND saving you money to spend on the things you would like to invest in for your health.  It just takes a little discipline and some awareness.  

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Whatever you decide, know that you are Worth It!  Decide to Invest in your Future Self Today! 

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