Can We Prevent Alzheimer's?
I’ve seen what Alzheimer’s does to people, and you probably have, too.   I’ve seen the sweetest people become overwhelmed with fear and become downright mean.  They don’t want to be mean – they are scared.  Scared because their minds don’t work like they used to and they don’t understand what’s going on.  

They often don’t even recognize their own family members, and they can’t remember something you said to them two minutes ago.  People lose their patience with them because they get tired of repeating things over and over and over again.  It’s ugly.  It’s cruel.   It’s definitely not the way I want to end up. 

I believe there is a lot that can be done to prevent this scenario.  I’m going to share a few of those things with you, because I’m passionate about aging gracefully, full of life and vitality – and I believe every person on this planet deserves that.

First of all, go back to nature for all things.  Stop eating fast food and boxed convenience foods. They are full of preservatives and non-food ingredients.  Eat real, whole food – it really doesn’t take very long to steam some veggies (and they taste so much better than something from a can)!  

Ditch the sugar-filled desserts and carbohydrates like breads and crackers – they are not doing you any favors.  Sugar creates more inflammation in the body.  And for goodness sake, stay away from soda-pop of any kind.  And don’t you believe for one second that diet drinks are better for you than regular – they are both toxic – just stop it! 
Did you know that STRESS is a huge factor in every single disease, including Alzheimer's?  According to “researchers have found that chronic psychological stress is associated with the body losing its ability to regulate the inflammatory response. The research shows for the first time that the effects of psychological stress on the body's ability to regulate inflammation can promote the development and progression of disease.”

In another article they discuss the effects of stress and the onset of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive deficiencies.  They also state “stress reduction with meditation and yoga have been shown to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and other dementias.”

Lastly, get rid of products in your home that are filled with toxic ingredients:  1,4-Dioxane; ingredient names that end in “-eth” like myreth, oleth, laureth, ceteareth; PEG; Polyethylene glycol; Polyoxyethylene; Oxynol; Parabens; Phthalates; Toluene; Triclosan; Propylene glycol… and the list goes on.  Google the ingredients on the products in your home – most of them are full of endocrine disruptors and carcinogens.  Cleaning products and anything that says “fragrance” on the label are big red flags! Another big red flag - anything that says "Fragrance" on the label!
I have spent the last 18 years studying the harmful effects of our modern-day society and the way we live, and I have made it my mission to help as many people as I can find a better way, and to live long and happy lives, full of energy, vitality and good health.  If that is something you believe you deserve and are willing to make some changes – then reach out and let’s connect.  I believe you deserve it….. do you?

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