Tonight, April 6th, is the Full Pink Moon!  It's the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.  The moon won't look pink, but it gets the name Pink Moon in honor of the flowers and trees that bloom in the spring ~ specifically the pink Phlox subulata!
I actually have three different colors of Phlox growing in my flower beds, and they are the first things that bloom each year and really start brightening things up and getting me in the mood to plant and grow things each year!   

The first full moon in April is also known as the Paschal full moon.  Easter observance falls on the Sunday after the Paschal moon appears. 

Other names for this moon include the budding moon, flower moon and moon of the big leaves, according to Native American tribes, as they celebrated the foliage of the season.   Below are the different colors of Phlox I have growing in my garden.  It's a perennial, so it comes back every year, and it spreads! 

There are lots of Full Moon celebrations, and this one for Spring is a joyous time of new growth!  There are things we can do that are in resonance with the full moon to help us feel balanced and relaxed during the full moon.  Some people feel the energy of the full moon in a way that makes them feel a little unbalanced, and we can help ourselves with things like "earthing" "grounding" (walking in nature, especially barefoot), and using oils that help us feel grounded during these times.   If you would like information on using oils with specific phases of the moon CLICK HERE

Enjoy the Pink Full Moon tonight!  May your skies be clear and the moon bathe you in beautiful vibrations!


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