Valentine's Day Musings
If you look at the history of how Valentine's Day was first celebrated, it has no resemblance to our modern-day version.  As with a lot of holidays, it has become more of a commercialized way of selling lots of greeting cards, chocolates, and dining out.

Rather than tell you all about the history of Valentine’s Day (I’ll let you google it if you really want to know), I’d like to make some observations that might make you think about how to make it all about the power of love energy, and how we could change Valentine’s Day from a commercial enterprise to a World-Shifting Event by joining together with one accord!

In 1993 there was a Meditation Experiment with approximately 4,000 meditators focusing on reducing the crime rate in Washington, D.C., and the violent crime rate dropped 23%.  You can read all about it HERE

What if we all were to take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to send love vibrations out into the universe by focusing on feeling universal love for all humanity, and all living things?  We could actually DO something powerful and positive on Valentine’s Day, and EVERY day! 

Not only would this collective intention do something positive in the world, it could also help those who don’t particularly get excited about a holiday that focuses on lovers when they might not feel like they “fit in.”

So, my challenge to you is this:  Take some time on Valentine’s Day and focus on sending LOVE vibrations from your heart out into the world for anyone and everyone to receive.  You just might receive a huge blessing from it! 

If you want my best notes on how to get into a meditative state of mind and create an atmosphere that can help you calm your mind for meditation, Contact Me and ask for my Meditation notes.

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