Why You Should Stop Going to Crossfit!
I know..... Crossfit and other extreme, hard workouts are all the rage.  Just know that when you engage in really stressful exercise on a regular basis, you are releasing a ton of cortisol (often referred to as the death hormone) into your body.  So, unless you are going to do something to counteract that cortisol production and the inflammation that goes along with it, you really should stop going. 

When I was much younger, I used to work out every day, 2 hours a day... (seriously, it was like an illness) and it was intense!  When you're young, you can get away with it for a while, but it takes its toll on most people in later years.  

My acupuncturist used to tell me I needed to stop working out so hard ~ that I wasn't helping my body, but rather causing it more harm.  He wasn't telling me NOT to work out.  On the contrary, he was telling me that my workouts should be helping me more than hurting me.  It took me a while, and triggering an autoimmune disease, to realize what he was saying.  

Because I was young and fit, it seemed like a smart thing to keep my body fit as a fiddle.  What I didn't realize was, there are other ways to stay fit, lean and healthy, by doing exercise that is much more moderate and not triggering a stress response in my body all the time.   I also didn't know, back then, that IF I was going to continue with stressful workouts, I absolutely needed to supply my body with what it needed to regain a state of balance and dampen the stress response in my body.

Now my exercise looks more like walking, hiking, some light weights for keeping strength and tone in my arms, and lots of stretching (whether that is yoga or Pilates or just old fashioned stretches).  

This is why I say that everyone should exercise.... absolutely!  AND, it should be moderately stressful on the body, and you should flood your body with antioxidants after exercising to combat the accumulation of Free Radicals that are naturally created when the body exercises.  

Free radicals create inflammation, and we need to do all we can to eliminate as much inflammation from the body as possible.  If you would like my notes on fighting inflammation with antioxidants, CLICK HERE.   For my antioxidant supplement recommendations, click here.
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