Sunday Musings....
I've been on a wellness journey for 17 years. My health has been impacted positively on every level - physical, emotional, spiritual - and I am passionate about empowering others to live a better life. I find it interesting that friends and family often think the worst of me... assume I'm trying to "sell" them something... choose to view my endeavors to help empower others to improve their own lives as a way for me to just make money. Maybe it's my fault - maybe they don't understand my motivation - maybe they can't see that it breaks my heart every time I hear someone say they have this or that health complaint when I know they could do things differently, make better choices, live better lives. 

Friends, whether you choose to follow the kinds of choices I've made or choose not to - that's totally up to you. Please know and understand that I wish for you a better life, and that's all it is about. There are many other ways I could create an income stream, and they would not empower others, only make me money. I choose to do something that fulfills my need to be a good person and help others - and that's all there is to it. 

Just know this: Every health/wellness challenge you have can be positively impacted by making better choices. Don't play the victim and believe that there is nothing you can do to improve it. Start with better dietary choices - I could go on for days about all the garbage we eat/drink every day that is at the core of most problems. Just do THAT. I promise you, I won't make a dime from that choice - only you will benefit.

And IF you want to know more about my journey, and how I can help you with yours, just reach out.... I'm here for you.

Jacque McLaughlin


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