DAFgpwhP5-cThis spring is one of the most challenging I've seen in a long time when it comes to pollen and respiratory discomfort!  The oil I'm going to tell you about today is a brand new one that I can't wait to get (seems the delivery system is a bit slow these days).  Now, let me tell you why I can't wait!

Spring is here, which often brings on the sniffles! If you're tired of hiding indoors during the season of renewal, there's a new oil blend on the scene. Say hello to your new best friend this spring: Season Essentials essential oil blend.

This powerful blend is designed to support healthy respiration, especially during seasonal changes. With just a drop, you can open and support your airways, making it easier to breathe in the fresh spring air.

The secret to Season Essentials' effectiveness lies in its key ingredients. Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint are well-known respiratory oils that provide relief from seasonal discomfort. But this blend takes things a step further with the addition of Goldenrod and Eucalyptus Blue essential oils. Together, these oils work to soothe the respiratory system and provide seasonal relief.

Using Season Essentials couldn't be easier. You can apply it topically, diffuse it, or even use it as a dietary supplement. Its fresh, invigorating scent will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Here are just a few ways you can incorporate Season Essentials into your daily routine:
  • Keep a bottle on hand while exploring the great outdoors. Add an AromaGlide Roller Fitment to the bottle to apply as needed.
  • Inhale it to support a healthy, clear respiratory system no matter whether you're enjoying the outdoors or relaxing at home.
  • Add Season Essentials to a teaspoon of honey and take it internally.
  • Diffuse Season Essentials blend to refresh any stuffy room and support the airways (especially when you lie down!).
  • Apply this blend topically to the head, neck, and chest to inhale its stimulating yet soothing aroma.
  • Make a DIY Oral Spray with Season Essentials, Orange Vitality, Thieves Mouthwash, and filtered water. Spritz into your mouth daily or as desired!
With Season Essentials by your side, you can embrace the changing seasons with open arms. Don't let seasonal sniffles keep you cooped up inside this spring – try this essential oil blend and breathe easy.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this - just comment below! 

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