Be the Light, Share the Love, Shape the Future!
I don't know about you, but I'm really OVER being influenced by a world projecting fear and hatred.  Starting today, I am focusing more on spreading positivity and staying away from the so-called news and Social Media  (which is mostly a bunch of puppeteers orchestrating their own agendas).   

I have tried to stay "connected" and neutral, but there is so much hate spewing going on in the world right now that I find I must remove myself from it if I'm going to successfully project light, love and spiritual awakening.  I may continue to post some of my pictures and personal experiences in nature and at home; but likely not much.  

That doesn't mean I don't want to stay connected with my friends who feel the same way.  So, follow me on my blog (and share it with others) and connect with me to share contact info.  

And in the meantime, stay positive, spread light and love to every corner of the Universe, and pray that those who do this outnumber those who don't.  We can change the world by being the light! 
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