Hyperthermia for Health!
I ran across an interesting article from Dr. Sircus the other day on Hyperthermia treatments to help maintain optimal wellness.  This article confirms many things I have read by others over the years, which is why I use my Biomat on a daily basis.  

Having lived with low thyroid for many years, which brings with it lower than average body temps (think cold hands and feet ALL the time, even in the hottest weather), I have been supporting my body with my Far Infrared Heat Biomat for many years.  

In fact, I actually make a "Biomat Sandwich" where I lie on top of my massage table size mat, and place my MiniBiomat on top of me, like making myself into a sandwich.  I then turn the heat up to its highest setting on both mats (with towels between me and the mats to absorb any sweat) and lie there while I meditate for an hour.  I started doing this after my cancer diagnosis many years ago (post surgery) after reading many articles about how hyperthermia can kill cancer cells.  I decided it couldn't hurt as a prevention for any recurrence of the dreaded C-word.  

I'm happy to say that I have been cancer free since my surgery.  I don't know if the Biomat has anything to do with that, but there is lots of science to suggest it may have.  There, of course, are many other things that I have done since then in the name of prevention:  kick the chemicals out of my house; check labels on everything for carcinogenic ingredients (they're everywhere!); as well as eat a healthy diet and get moderate exercise on a regular basis. 

Nobody is going to take care of your health but you!  It's time to recognize that doctors can intervene with all kinds of treatments; but where the real magic happens is in your day-to-day choices for wellness.  Choose wisely..... You're Worth It!  

Here's a great online class I like to share when people ask me about how to make their homes more supportive of their wellness (as opposed to breaking it down and causing illness).  

One of the services I provide in my business are wellness consults, where we talk about how you can implement some basic steps that can have a huge impact on your immune system and your wellness.  If you would like to schedule a free 15-minute consult to see if we are a "good fit" for helping you improve your quality of life, you can do so on my Online Scheduler.  

To Your Health! 


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