Freedom is My Word for 2021!
I don't often write blog articles about highly polarizing topics, just because I really don't want to deal with the "haters" (people who can't just let others have a different opinion).  But today is the day that I'm crossing that line to share with you some information that you can choose to align with or choose not to - but if you don't expose yourself to it, how can you choose?  

Dr. Simone Gold, (Board Certified Emergency Room MD, also a JD, and one of many doctors who have founded an organization called "America's Front Line Doctors") gave a very compelling talk about disinformation regarding the Experimental "shot" that everyone is lining up for.  I hope you will give her talk a listen, all the way to the end - and then follow your instincts.   Here is a Link to her talk

On another matter I feel very strongly about, and why I entitled my blog with Freedom is My Word for 2021, there is a very strong push in our country and across the globe for forced "experimental shots".  If, after watching Dr. Simone Gold's talk, you are persuaded, as I am, please sign this Petition and stand on the side of Freedom of Choice!

Thanks for allowing me to share something with you that is worth consideration, at least. 

May your 2021 contain the Freedom you desire, whatever that may be.


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