Best Hack Ever!
I'm so excited about this "Hack" that I have to share it in my blog!  I have been the recipient of more mosquito bites than I care to even think about - and I am not a fan of their attraction to me.  I love the outdoors and love being outside; and they tend to ruin my enjoyment.  Young Living came out with an incredible insect repellent, and it works really well.  It comes in a bottle, or you can order the wipes.  

I have to admit the when applying it from the bottle, I feel like I always get more than I want and makes me feel kind of "greasy."  When I use the wipes, I think they work really well, but they are not as "cost effective" because they are basically a one-use application (although I will admit to saving them and using more than once).  

Then I discovered this fabulous "hack" that not only helps me make a bottle last longer, it also allows me to apply it in a thinner application that doesn't make me feel like I need a shower!  

These bottles can be purchased from Amazon, and they make the perfect very fine spray that allows me to put just the right amount without diminishing the effectiveness of the insect repellent.  

The recipe also doubles the amount of insect repellent I have from a bottle!  WIN-WIN!!!  

Click on the picture below and get two of them - once you see how wonderfully they work, you won't have any trouble finding a use for the second one.... or use them both for the same purpose (can you say his/hers?) 

Here's how simple it is:  Mix the Young Living insect repellent 50:50 with witch hazel in the bottle, shake and spray.  

The other cool thing is you can easily peel off the label from the original insect repellent bottle and afix it to your sprayer - easy peasy!  That's it!!!  No joke.  Best....Hack....Ever!!! 
People often ask me what my Favorite YL Products are.  That really kind of depends on a lot of factors - what may be my favorite today could be different than yesterday, depending on what's going on in my life.  But if you want to know the Young Living products that I absolutely USE every single day.... click the button below for My Daily Favorites! 


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