Power of 8 Group Intention 
Join us as we get Intentional about healing others, and the world!

If you have someone in mind that you think would be a good fit to join us in our group intentions, share the link below.
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We are choosing One Heart as our Intention oil - because the Intentions come from the Heart!
Please take a few minutes to watch these Intention Tips from Lynne McTaggart:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKJMZKZNiJc

Step by Step Guide

Weekly Zoom Link


We will meet together via Zoom each Saturday at 7:30 am Central, 8:30 am Eastern.   We will also be doing our daily intentions each morning on our own at the same time.  

Group Intention: 
1) 20% (or more) growth in each team member's OGV, as well as Elisa McClure's Hotel business and commerce in the world at large!

2) Healings for:  
Jackson (boy w/ cancer);
Deborah (overall health & energy)
EJ - shoulder surgery 12/6 (successful surgery & complete quick recovery)
Jenny - Ankle surgery (successful surgery & quick, complete recovery)
Jacque - Endocrine, Parasympathetic/Sympathetic balance
Elisa & Ian - post-covid idiosynchracies resolved  

See the “Intentions & Feedback” tab in this vault for more intention requests throughout the week.


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