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The 14-Day Reset has been so successful, we have one every month!  You can start whenever you want, but we have a Reset Community who starts together each month to cheer one another along!  
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A great testimony from Amy with the Ningxia Reset!❤
"Our biggest win as a family will always be our youngest lil' participant- My nephew, Jace, age 11.
This is our 3rd Reset & there are 5 of us in my household total- But Jace is our inspiration.
After 3 Resets, he has released a total of 23lbs & 28.5 inches! As an ADDED bonus, the 'teenage' cystic acne he was starting to develop quite badly on his face, neck & back has virtually DISAPPEARED! The transformation in him from November until now is truly astounding & I could never express my gratitude enough."

"I've personally experienced enormous boosts in my energy levels, major reduction in chronic pain (sciatica), better sleep & have released a total of 17lbs since our 1st Reset. Also, over the past 5 years, YL products- Especially Ningxia Red- have assisted in reducing my need of 23 daily prescriptions, down to only 4.

Since beginning the Reset in November & in a continuation of my own personal goal to be completely Rx free, I've been able to completely stop using another medication & reduce the dosages of 2 of the remaining 3 Rx's (300mg daily down to 50mg & 30mg daily down to 15mg).  One of these medications I've been taking for over 10 years, & the other over 5 years; so being able to reduce that need by 50% & 83% is a huge step in the right direction for me."

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