Wellness Services
Invest in your wellness and be the best you can be!

  • Revitalize your energy
  • Nurture your immune system
  • Feel more balanced and alive
  • Pamper your nervous system
  • Take the guesswork out of your wellness routine

All of this is now possible

If you are...

  • Stressed out
  • Can't sleep
  • Exhausted
  • Burning the candle at both ends

You're in the right place!

Nurture Your Wellness Naturally! 

Self care is more important today than ever!  It's time to invest in your wellness with natural approaches that help you establish & maintain a vibrant and healthy immune system; a healthy emotional balance; and take the guesswork out of where to go next.

Scroll through the Services below to begin your journey to better wellness NOW!

i've been helping people discover natural ways to wellness for over 20 years and would be honored to help you.  To learn more about how to schedule your Personal Wellness Consult, click the link below.

👉 Discover what your voice says about your wellness
👉 Take the guesswork out regarding your focus for wellness
👉 Save money by focusing on what your body wants
👉 This one can be done remotely, from anywhere with an internet connection!

👉 Nurture your nervous system
👉 Nurture your brain with high sesquiterpene oils
👉 Experience the "zen" effect of feeling calm & relaxed


👉 Tuning fork with gem tips applied to auricular points for the endocrine system 
👉 Nurture your pituitary, thyroid & adrenals
👉 Applied essential oils to the gem tips on the tuning fork based on what comes up in your Zyto Insights Voice Scan

Far Infrared Heat & Amethyst Crystals
👉 Supports Core Body Temperature
👉 Relieves Stress, Improves Mood
👉 Healing for Soft Tissue
👉 Improves Circulation
👉 Far infrared pain relief
👉 Promotes Relaxation 


👉 Identify needs with Zyto Voice Scan
👉 Choose oils based on scan results
👉 Experience a relaxed physical state on the Biomat with far infrared heat and Amethyst crystals
👉 Vitaflex Foot application of chosen oils & gem-tipped tuning fork
👉 Vibrational auricular application with chosen oils


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