YL Business 
Pre-Brainstorm Questionnaire
Please answer the questions below and submit them at least 24 hours prior to our scheduled consult. 

The following questions will help me understand how I can best help you.  This is also a chance for you to be considering the questions asked so that we can have a meaningful discussion and help you design YOUR business YOUR way! 

Let's Get Intentional!

What initially drew you to Young Living and made you want to become a Brand Partner?*
What are some of the challenges or obstacles that have been holding you back from fully committing to your Young Living business?*
In what areas would you like support or guidance to help you navigate and grow your Young Living business?*
What are your strengths and unique talents that could be utilized to further excel in your Young Living business?*
How can you create a balance between your Young Living business and other aspects of your life to ensure sustainable growth and fulfillment?*
How do you like to share YL? Choose as many as you like*
If you picked "Other" in the previous question, tell me how you like to share YL


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