Start Here:  Instructions

This is simple, so let's keep it that way so that we stay consistent!  We are going to use these 3 products every day for two weeks.

Endoflex essential oil blend:  Apply 2 times daily (morning and night) to the thyroid (throat) and lower back (adrenals).  

Nutmeg:  Apply 2 times daily to the lower back (adrenals).  Wait a few minutes after applying Endoflex to allow it to absorb completely before applying the nutmeg. 

Sulfurzyme:  Powder or Capsules.  If using the powder, take 1 tsp. daily in your favorite beverage.  Many are already doing this with NingXia Red, and it is fine to continue that.  If you are taking capsules, take 2 capsules twice a day (total of 4).  

Download your Daily Tracker (This will keep you on track AND help you note how you feel as you progress):  

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