Product Spotlight ~ Regenolone

Learn about the amazing nerve regenerating properties in this amazing lotion

Excerpts from Gary Young's lecture on Regenolone

"Regenolone is made from the pregnenolone cream, and what I simply did was take the oils of Oregano, Thyme, Wintergreen, Cypress and put into the pregnenolone to make a cream for nerve regeneration. This has been the most exciting topical product that I believe I have formulated yet today in the ability it has for tissue regeneration."

"... the research, it is so exciting because the documentation has already been made at universities of showing spinal cord regeneration from pregnenolone only. Pregnenolone, being the master steroid hormone in the human body which is responsible for manufacturing DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen, is so vitally important because it is a natural product, because pregnenolone is manufactured from cholesterol. Foods that produce cholesterol will convert to pregnenolone if the conversion factors in the human body are in place to do that."

"We now see and know that people who use progesterone creams on a continued basis, beyond two to three years, are starting to have estrogen deficiencies that are creating the exact same symptoms as progesterone deficiencies were creating before they started using progesterone."

"Why is that happening? Because now they are pushing the body out of balance this way, where before they were going out of balance in the other way. I want you folks to be balanced “this way,” not to an extreme one way or to an extreme the other way, but centered, focused, balanced."

"Pregnenolone is the master steroid hormone that all hormones come down from ... but if you don’t correct where it is manufactured, it is never going to come into balance."

"... with pregnenolone there, the body comes into balance and guess what? The next best part is the fact that the FDA gave a ruling on pregnenolone that it can be used as a dietary supplement because it is manufactured from cholesterol. It is not a controlled substance like progesterone and estrogens."

Absence of Pregnenolone Brings Degeneration
"This is so exciting and here are a few things that are very important about pregnenolone...  Pregnenolone has been researched and proven and validated that in the absence or the lack of (the diminishing of) pregnenolone in the human body lies the number one contributing factor for the onset of arthritis and osteoporosis."

"It has been absolutely proven that people with arthritis who are given oral supplementation of pregnenolone find that within seven to ten days the symptoms will disappear in 70 to 90% of the cases. Another thing we just experienced with our Pregnenolone cream (not the Regenolone), we now have had doctors use it on two children with Scleroderma (non-reversible Scleroderma) who have reversed it completely."

Pregnenolone may Reverse Lupus Symptoms
"It is just a beginning. Lupus–how many people do you know who have lupus? It was just discovered in some research in 1986 that pregnenolone reversed the symptoms of lupus. This is a major fundamental element in our diet today that we have not been looking at. Why? Because the research was all conducted from 1940 to 1949, but in 1949 the pharmaceuticals manufactured the drug called Premarin and when that happened they got no more funding to research pregnenolone. They could not patent and sell over-the -counter pregnenolone, but they could patent and sell Premarin, so all the research stopped on pregnenolone."

".... when I was doing my research on pregnenolone and found the studies that were conducted outside the United States at universities where they specifically regenerated spinal cord tissue in laboratory rats and mice."

Personal Experience with Regenolone
"That is what I have used on my back ever since I made the Regenolone in January. That is what reduced the inflammation. My spine has straightened back out and I am back lifting weights. The specialist who wanted to do the surgery said, 'Gary, there is only one way we can go and that is surgery, and it will be four to five years for your back to recover.' I just said, 'Okay..' I haven’t been back!"

Beware of Synthetic Anything!
"These are some of the side effects of estrogen–and of course, you know them. They are created today and most of them are synthetic estrogens that plug the receptor sites. Even a lot of the progesterones that are out there are synthetics made from petrochemicals. All of your prescription drugs are based on petrochemicals and these petrochemicals plug the receptor sites, creating an even greater imbalance and suppressing and compromising immune function."

Oils Work Hand-in-Hand
"So, as we apply the oils (and this is another part that is very exciting), those of you who have witnessed the Raindrop therapy have seen a tremendous amount of evidence on how people recover after Raindrop therapy. Why? Because the oils go into the spinal column and they digest the chemicals in the receptor sites to open that up for nerve transmission. Along the spinal column happens to be one of the largest accumulation of receptor sites (nerve receptors) and that is why Raindrop therapy works so specifically, so when you clean that up, the oils get in there and start stimulating the nerve transmission and it is very, very important.
When you put the oils with pregnenolone, (Regenolone) then it carries the pregnenolone into the cell structure to start the cell rejuvenation. It is win, win, win and balance, balance, balance. It has been so exciting watching and reading the essays from the people who have been using Regenolone and who have been using Prenolone."

"When I created Regenolone last year I did it because of a back injury. Some of you are aware that I entered a contest last fall and I blew a disk out from lifting weights, so when I learned that pregnenolone rejuvenated nerve tissue, that is when I made Regenolone (which is a pregnenolone cream with oils) for my disk. It was so effective that I named it Regenolone and we introduced it to Young Living. Last spring I started working with a few distributors when I was doing meetings on the side and after class. Some people I would see had severe nerve degeneration, so I would use the prenolone cream, but I would add the essential oils of Lemongrass and Peppermint to it and we got greater response and nerve regeneration. Regenolone is best used for arthritic conditions, rheumatic conditions, and myelin deterioration."

D. Gary Young 2000
"The vagal nerve is one of the 12 cranial nerves. The branches of the vagal nerve innervate (to supply body parts with nerves) many body parts related to symptoms of Autism. It roughly starts an inch behind the hairline, follows the path of the cartoid artery in the neck, goes under the collar bone, through the chest cavity and ends near the stomach and intestines. Therefore, it affects hearing, taste, breathing, heart, digestion and elimination (just to list a few).
Nerves are encased in a protective sheath called myelin. Myelin can be damaged by metals and toxins. Imagine toxins being worms that eat holes in leaves. When there is a hole in the myelin sheath, the nerve is exposed and vulnerable. Each hole in the nerve causes the nerve to send wrong messages to body parts. This means that an Autistic child can have symptoms regarding sensory issues with their eyes, ears and taste buds. They may have reactions to food that appear to be food allergies. They may have chronic diarrhea or constipation.
The basic building blocks to regenerate the myelin sheath are B spectrum vitamins, magnesium, and the hormone pregnenolone."

On page 21 of Dr. Gary Young’s book, Pregnenolone: A Radical New Approach to Health, Longevity, and Emotional Well-Being, he writes, “Pregnenolone is unusual in that it both promotes tissue repair and nerve regeneration while also reducing inflammation (Guth et al., 1993)"

“Of all the hormones in the body, the precursor hormone, pregnenolone, may be the most⁷ important for health and longevity.”— D. Gary Young

"You can find pregnenolone in a cream called Regenolone Moisturizing Cream. A dab is all it takes. Since the closest place to access the vagal nerve is at the top of the neck, put a small amount right where the top of neck stops at the hairline and smooth it in just like a lotion. An adult would use a pea-size amount so adjust the amount accordingly for a smaller-sized body. Start with twice a day and monitor improvement."

"Give the body time to heal. Nerves take a bit longer to regenerate. If you are already taking B Spectrum Vitamins and Minerals, then add a Pregnenolone Cream. If you are not doing anything yet for the nerves, you will need all three to regenerate nerves. You can just take Regenolone Moisturizing Cream by itself to regenerate nerves. Sensory, digestive and elimination issues will reverse when the holes in the myelin sheath of the vagal nerve heal."

"It is safe for males and females to take Regenolone cream because pregnenolone is found in both males and females. It is the master hormone that the body makes lower sex hormones from."

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