Group Prayer & Intention 
Join us as we get Intentional about focusing on the needs of others!

Use whatever oil helps you get grounded and focused for prayer time  
One suggestion is One Heart essential oil blend - because our Intentions come from the Heart!  
Any oil that helps you set your intention is perfect. 

Step by Step Guide

1.  We will start with a Zoom to solidify the dedication and commitment to helping others.  We will also commit to spending time each day in prayer or focused intention/meditation on the requests made by the group each week.
2.  If you have a specific request for a group intention, please put it in the "Intentions & Feedback" room each week.  If you want to carry it forward into the next week, resubmit it each week.  
3.  Please share your experiences in the "Intentions & Feedback" room in the vault.  If you asked for a focused intention, please share with the group when you see "results" from the group commitment to focusing on your request.  (This is an important piece to help us all see how our efforts are improving lives for others)

Kickoff Zoom - 
Jan. 1st, 3pm ET

We will meet together via Zoom Sunday, Jan 1st, 3pm ET and will periodically check in as a group via Zoom (probably about once a month) to see how everyone is doing.  


See the “Intentions & Feedback” tab in this vault for intention requests.


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