Wellness is your birthright, and YOU have the power - I've got some tried & true recommendations for you!

It's all about the Power!

You have POWER, unbelievable power, to create optimal wellness for YOU and your family.  You just have to step into that power and DECIDE that you're worth it! 

If more people understood that it really is about the little choices we make every day that determines our level of wellness, the "sick care industry" would not be such a factor in our lives.

Basic Wellness Tips
Let's start with basic wellness tips: 
  • Always at the top of the list is ~ Decide!  Decide you are worth it to make the choices that seem hard at first.  Changing bad habits is a lot easier when you DECIDE that you're worth it!
  • Drink plenty of clean water.  You've heard it before, and there's a reason for that ~ it's important!
  • Eat healthy foods.  That seems obvious, but you'd be surprised to know most people don't do it, even though they know they should.
  • Make the bed after waking up!  This one may sound silly, but it has a huge impact on your mental health.  It's one of the "tricks" of getting your day started off right!
  • Meditate / pray ~ this one is huge, and intentionally spending time in meditation and/or prayer and intentionally creating the level of wellness you want is enormously important.  Your mind is a very powerful thing that can create so much more than you realize! 
  • Clean up your home environment.  I listed this one last, but it's one of the most important things you can do; because if your home environment is poisoning you, all the other good things you do are fighting an uphill battle.
Since I already stated that cleaning up your environment by ditching & switching all harsh chemical cleaning products, personal care products, and synthetically scented "anything" (including air fresheners, candles, dryer sheets & scented laundry products, etc.) is hugely important, let's start there.  

Plant based Cleaning products and personal care products are available, but you have to read lots of labels to know what you're really getting - and some of those products leave a lot off the label by hiding it under "proprietary recipe" claims.  

My top recommendation for cleaning up your home environment is using the plant based Thieves line!  They've got you covered on all fronts! Thieves Starter Bundle
Nutritional Recommendations

No matter how good your diet is, you likely do not get enough antioxidants on a daily basis.  In order to maintain optimal wellness, we must be proactive in addressing oxidative stress in our bodies.  The absolute best product I've ever taken for getting rid of the effects of oxidative stress is NingXia Red (think antioxidant superfood).  

Together with NingXia Red, Super B (B vitamins are huge for a healthy brain) is another amazing supplement to provide you with the B vitamins you need for energy!  

If you want to nourish your joints, skin, hair & nails - Sulfurzyme is your answer!  

Digestive complaints of all kinds are rampant in our society today, and there are two supplements I recommend, and an essential oil blend, for every digestive discomfort under the sun! Essentialzymes-4 because we all need digestive enzymes these days - we no longer get them in our food in sufficient quantities.  The second supplement for digestion that is a must for everyone is Life 9 Probiotics ~ these two products have helped more people than I can count! (Me included).  And of course, the absolute favorite of everyone, the essential oil blend called DiGize & DiGize Vitality.  

Connective Tissue Nourishment!

Antioxidant Super Food!

B Vitamins for the Brain!

Connective Tissue Nourishment!

Antioxidant Super Food!

B Vitamins for the Brain!

Even if You're Not Ready.... Yet!
There's something valuable for you here...
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Why would you want to set up an account if you're not ready to purchase?  Because by setting up your account now, rather than later, you will get access to my private "Customer Service" area, even if you're not yet ready to purchase.  That means you can tap into my 20 years of experience and my personal attention when you have questions or just want to explore possibilities that YOUR life could be better ~ and it's FREE!

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Copyright Jacqueline McLaughlin