Have you heard us use the phrase “simple swaps” over the past few months or year? 

I have been using this term as a way to describe one of my favorite things: 
easy baby steps to wellness

Simple swaps are simple, affordable swaps of products in your home to non-toxic alternatives. Baby steps to wellness! I know they can seem insignificant, but they add up over time as you take one step, then the next, then the next. 

But why do it?  Toxins build up in our body.  It’s a process called bioaccumulation, and it’s a real thing.  Our bodies have an amazing detoxifying system, but not everything gets flushed out.  I give myself support & tools to help me live my healthiest - like supporting my body in detoxification & keeping exposure to toxins minimized. 

Biggest ways to minimize toxins is to be picky about my: diet, water quality, home air quality, and personal care ingredients. Those four things make a HUGE impact. 

I think it’s quite possible that my #1  Simple Swap is Thieves Cleaner. This swap alone has saved me more money than I could calculate, as well as the time I've saved, with the ease and convenience of keeping my home clean & safe! 

Just the “fragrance” alone in products is something to be highly cautious about! I found a great resources you may like here

It’s alarming, but I think it’s best to be smart and intentional.  There's lots of info available online about the dangers of household cleaning ingredients. 

But the long and short of it is that I have found an amazing solution in YL Thieves Cleaner ~ It’s multi-purpose, and a real work horse!!

Instead of spending $5 bucks a bottle and using all sorts of stuff throughout my home, I just stick with THHC (Thieves Household Cleaner). It’s smart shopping and smart wellness! 

If you’re due to stock up on cleaners or ready to make a simple swap for a healthier cleaner, it’s a great time to grab some! 


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