Thank You!

You're Ready to Embark on a Journey to Mastering the Finances of Wellness!

I look forward to helping you Master the Finances of Wellness and creating a wellness plan and a budget for that plan that empowers you to embrace self-care with a new passion!  

Be on the lookout for an email from (check spam) and save it so you remember how to access the vault and course material. 

The course material can be found in the private vault:  "Mastering the Finances of Wellness" (bookmark it) ~ Within the vault you will find the course material, as well as my calendar to schedule your first wellness consult to go over your Zyto Wellness Voice Scan.  This is your starting place to create your own personalized wellness plan and budget.  There is also a "Chat Room" where you can post questions, share your successes, and meet others of like minds who are also going through the Masterclass. 

You can go through the course material at your own pace, but your first Zyto Scan should be scheduled right away.  Be sure to download any files associated with the Lesson you are on, and ask your questions in the "Chat Room".  
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