Processed sugar is addictive!
I'm a sugar addict!  There, I said it ~ I admit it ~ and I've conquered it!  And I can show you how you can do it, too!   I've got a Sugar Detox I'll share with you to help you Reset your body and help control the cravings!
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Getting Rid of Sugar Cravings
Our cells get energy from natural sugars - the kind that comes from real, whole food; not processed junk.  When we eat a lot of processed sugar products (think breads and pastries, too; not just candy and cake), we become addicted to sugar.  We literally need it to supply our cells with energy.  The problem with processed sugar is it is not only addictive; it's also very harmful to your health!  A lot of people think the high caffeine drinks that they drink are what give them energy - but there's a LOT of sugar and artificial sweeteners (Yes, they are even worse than regular sugar) in those drinks that are providing unhealthy energy - the kind that creates disease - and they're addictive!   I could go on for days about how devastating processed sugar is; but I'll leave that investigation up to you to pursue.  

I'd rather focus on how you can stop the sugar cravings from your processed sugar addiction by giving your body what it needs in a whole food source!  Once you give your body the glyconutrients it needs for energy, you will no longer crave all the harmful sweets.  Like anything else, you have to give it time; but if you stick to it (I recommend 90 days), you will see a huge difference!  

NingXia Red
Glyconutrient Infusion
NingXia Red is not only a powerful antioxidant super food infusion, it provides your body with the glyconutrients that you need for your cells and your energy levels!  When your body is getting what it needs, the cravings go away. 

If you choose to stop eating all those unhealthy sugar added products and desserts, soon you will find you don't even like them as much.  I was a terrible food addict, and when I stopped eating all the "sugar things" I found that later, when I tried something I used to eat, I didn't even like it anymore - it was way too sweet!  

Now, you may not believe me when I say I am a sugar addict - but let me tell you, I used to skip dinner when I would go out to eat, just so I could have plenty of room for dessert!  No joke - I'd order a salad just so I could have chocolate cake!  That's just stupid.... but that used to be the choice I made, because I was a sugar addict.  No more!!!

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