Get Ready for Spring!

Let's Start with Spring Cleaning!
Plant-based cleaning with no harsh chemicals!
One of the most impactful things you can do to improve your home environment is to clean with Young Living's Thieves plant-based cleaners that not only clean your home better than ever, they also leave beautiful, natural aromas from genuine, unadulterated essential oils! Talk about a mood lift!

Below you will find some awesome recipes using these products!

Cleaning Recipes
Clean Everything with This!
Glass Cleaner
Deep Cleaning Scrub

Carpet Spot Cleaner

Spring Diffuser Recipes
Fill your home with plant-based aromas to create the atmosphere you desire!  Below you will find some great recipes for Spring!  

Spring Diffuser Recipes
Pollen calming
Hello Spring
Sweet Renewal
Spring Showers
Fresh & Clean
Spring Sunshine
Hawaiian Sunrise
Which will you try first?


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