No More Pushy Sales
Have you ever felt hesitant to share a product because you didn't want people to perceive you as salesy or pushy?  
What if you could actually get people to tell you what they want so that you can deliver exactly what they need? 
You've heard it before, because it's true... Nobody likes pushy salespeople.  And... most of us are uncomfortable being a pushy salesperson.  

This course will teach you how to change your sales process from a pushy sales pitch to a compelling conversation that will change the way you feel about sales and change the way people respond to you. 

It's all about effective communication, and what I call, "Compelling Conversations."   Passion for your company and your products is a good thing, but only when you learn the art of asking the right questions and listening for the answers.  
In this course you'll learn how to have your customers tell you exactly what they want, instead of you trying to convince them of what they need. 

This course will teach you how to create a connection with people that will create trust and respect.  You can leave the conversation feeling like you have served, rather than "Sold."  
Do you ever have people tell you they're interested in something you offer, then they ghost you when you try to follow up? 
Do you feel exhausted, stuck and frustrated? 
I've been there--and I've discovered that the answer to all of these problems (and so many more!) lies in understanding just a couple of simple concepts that you can apply to your business--and you'll start seeing a shift in your results right away!

Here's What You'll Get
Change Your Business With These Lessons!
 The Modules in this course will cover:
  • How to Ditch the Pitch and start a genuine conversation
  • How to uncover what people want that you can provide
  • How to start a conversation and keep it "all about them"
  • How to tell a story that is relatable
  • How to overcome objections
  • How to close in a way that makes everyone feel good
 What You Get:
  • Examples of how to engage in conversations that develop trust and respect
  • Tools for clarity to find your perfect customer
  • Examples of Ice-breaker conversation starters
  • Examples of ways to keep the conversation flowing
  • Examples of closing conversations 


Copyright Jacqueline McLaughlin