Join us for this in-person Rejuvenate & Relax Event!
Pamper yourself!  Experience the Aromadome, Biomat, Tuning Forks, Zyto Insights Voice Scan, Foot Vitaflex, Healthy beverages and lots of fun!

Experience the Aromadome

AromaDome® is a custom designed enclosure for use with the diffusion of genuine, unadulterated essential oils

Gemstone Tuning Forks

Experience gemstone tuning forks!

Amethyst BioMat

Experience far infrared heat with the healing properties of Amethyst!

VitaFlex using oils recommended on a Zyto Voice Scan

Let the Zyto Voice Scan reveal the best oils for what your body needs now - then apply  appropriate oil(s) using the VitaFlex technique to address specific body systems. 

I'm Jacque. I've been helping people like you nurture themselves and regain their energy and live a vibrant life for over 20 years.

REGISTER for this FREE, in-person Open-House Event in Waynesville, NC just fill out the form!
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Saturday, February 4th, 11 am to 3 pm, 

(Love offerings accepted, but not necessary)


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