Recipe Spotlight
Goal Crusher Roller
Whether you're the type to make New Year's Resolutions or not, Goal setting is always a great thing to do.  Here's a special roller recipe to help you Crush Your Goals in 2023!

Calm & Grounded Bath/Foot Soak
Start your New Year feeling Calm and Grounded.  You can use this as a bath soak or a foot soak and move into 2023 feeling absolutely wonderful & calm!

Endless Possibilities Diffuser 
As you envision the life you want to create as we start this new year, be sure to diffuser some oils that will help you see the endless possibilities that exist for your future!

In the Kitchen
Personal Wellness

Online Team Events
Dr. E's Online Monthly Wellness Meetup 
Wednesday, Jan 4th, 8 pm CT, 9pm ET

Brand Partners Unite
Wednesday, Jan 11th, 8pm CT, 9pm ET

Beginner's Guide to Natural Living ~ Online Zoom Event
Wednesday, January 18th, 8pm CT, 9pm ET

In-Person Gatherings & Events

REJUVENATE & RELAX - Waynesville, NC
If you live within driving distance of Waynesville, NC - join Jacque for a Rejuvenate and Relax event!  

January 14th, 11am to 3pm  &  January 15, 2pm to 5pm

Pamper yourself!  Experience the Aromadome, Biomat, Tuning Forks, Zyto Insights Voice Scan, Foot Vitaflex, Healthy beverages and lots of fun!


(San Antonio/Boerne area)
If you live within driving distance of Boerne, TX - join Dr. E - Elisa McClure for her special rejuvantion event!  

Jan 28th, 10 am to 2pm

Pamper yourself!  Experience the Biomat, Vibrational Vitaflex, Zyto Balance Scan, Optimum Ion Detox Foot Bath, Lymphatic Chi Machine, Healthy snacks and lots of fun!

Peppermint Paddies reach out to Dr. E - Elisa McClure - 
at 210-378-9153 or for a special team discount.

All others, click below to register and save your spot!

Who Loves Product Credits?
Have you ever wanted to help someone find solutions for their wellness wishes and just didn't know how or where to start?  We have a solution for that, too!  
Now you can refer other Peppermint Paddies AND anyone who doesn't have a Young Living account to get a Complimentary Zyto Insights Voice Scan!  We can all take the "guesswork" out of our wellness plans and goals with this technology.  And this month, not only can you help someone find solutions - you both can earn product credits!   When you refer YL team members, or friends that don't yet have a Young Living account set up, to get a Complimentary Zyto Insights Wellness Voice Scan, you'll both be entered to win product credits when the scan is completed.    

Here's how it works:  You refer any member of Peppermint Paddies OR, anyone who wants to set up a YL account with you, to get a scan by emailing Jacque at: with Your YL Account name and member # as well as the first and last name of your referral and their email.  You will both be entered to win when the scan is completed.  The more people you refer, the better your chance of winning ~ and you will BOTH be entered to win a $25 product credit if your entry is drawn.  (Only members of Team Peppermint Paddies qualify to win, so make sure your referral has set up their YL account before the end of the month if they want to participate in the product credit). 

Your referral will get an invitation to do a scan from Zyto (check spam).  Be sure to tell them to also look for an email from with instructions about their scan.

You can even refer yourself and that will be your first one!  The more referrals, the more chances to win the product credit!  Your referral must complete the scan in order to be entered in the drawing, so follow up with them and make sure they complete the scan.  They will also be offered a FREE consult to go over their scan results. 

Who can you refer?  Any member in Peppermint Paddies, or someone who doesn't yet have a YL account.  If your referral decides to get a YL account because of the scan, you will be the enroller/sponsor (whether you are a Brand Partner or Customer in Peppermint Paddies).   
Three Reasons to Refer Your Friends!
You Both Could Win the Product Credit!
The more referrals you send in, the more chances to win!  If YOU win, your referral also wins!  Each time your referral completes a scan, you will get an entry for the drawing with your referral's name and your name.  Both names WIN!

Take the guesswork out of wellness!
The Zyto Insights Voice Scan helps us see exactly where to focus and which products to use to provide exactly what we need.  Sometimes it's surprising what comes up!
Let YOUR voice by your guide.

Your Friends Appreciate You!
When they see how simple the scan is, and discover what their body needs from a cellular vibration perspective, they will be so excited.  Your friends will be so glad that you thought of them and will appreciate your kindness!


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