Whether you're looking for recommendations for developing mindfulness, or the ability to focus on tasks - I've got some tried & true recommendations for you!

It's a Brain Thing!

Have you ever experienced the frustration of not being able to FOCUS?  Many people claim they cannot meditate because they cannot quiet the mind.  There are things you can do to help facilitate mindfulness.  The first step is to determine what you believe is causing your inability to focus.  It could be that you are stressed to the max ~ that'll do it!  Or maybe it's a nutritional deficiency that is contributing to the inability to focus.  

The brain is an amazing thing, and when we nurture it and support it, we can take advantage of all its amazing qualities to a much higher degree!  

Stress Busting Recommendations
Think about what YOU believe is causing your inability to focus.  If it's stress (which includes "worry," etc), nutritional, hormonal, or something else.  If one of these recommendations resonates with you, that's where I would start!

Stress:  Inhaling authentic, unadulterated essential oils (not the typical ones you find in the marketplace that are super cheap) can actually facilitate a response in the brain that allows you to be more calm & more focused.   The oils I have found to help the most people with lots of stress are:  Stress Away, Peace & Calming roll-on, Sacred Frankincense (especially good for spiritual connection), Valor roll-on, Lavender, Grounding & Envision (especially good for meditation & envisioning).   There are lots of other possibilities, but these are the ones I've seen most people gravitate to.  

Simply putting a little bit (a drop or two from the bottle, or a swipe from the roll-on) in the palm of your hands and cupping them over the nose while you inhale deeply through the nose for a couple of minutes can totally help you feel more centered & focused.  It can even bring down the stress levels in your body - (think cortisol) that get ramped up in times of stress!
The name says it all!

Roll-on for Convenience!

My favorite!

Quiet the Fear Factor!

Get More Grounded!
Focus on Your Vision!

Nutritional Recommendations
Nutritional:  Many of us fail to see the connection between our nutrition and our ability to focus; but I'm here to tell you, it's a real thing!  You know if you are getting a good healthy diet of fresh vegetables and unprocessed foods or not.  If you are not, I can just about guarantee you that improving your choices in that regard can definitely have beneficial effects on your ability to focus and improve your cognition (ability to think straight!).   These are my favorite supplements for giving the brain what it needs, in addition to a healthy diet.  Mindwise (the name says it all!), NingXia Red (think antioxidant superfood), Super B (B vitamins are huge for a healthy brain).  

Feed the Brain!

Antioxidant Super Food!

B Vitamins for the Brain!

Even if You're Not Ready.... Yet!
There's something valuable for you here...
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