Meet Your Wellness Mentors!
We are Jacque & Doug McLaughlin, and we'd like to invite you into our world of Natural Wellness Solutions.  We've been helping people find personalized solutions, created with you and your challenges at the center.  We have state-of-the art technology with Transdermal Optical Imagine that we provide for you to do a remote scan, using your smartphone in 30 seconds to get a clear picture of exactly where to focus at any given time.    Set Up Account Here

Featured Leaders

Elisa McClure (aka Dr. E)
Wellness Educator, Chef & Gardener!
Elisa is an organic gardener, backyard farmer, home chef and wellness educator!  With her background in naturopathy, she is a wealth of knowledge & information to help you in your journey.  

As a Brand Partner with Young Living, Elisa is passionate about helping others.  
As a passionate Italian, Elisa has a rich and tasty heritage passed down through generations that inspires her lifelong love for family, cooking and hospitality. 

For more than three decades, she has shared her family recipes and wellness knowledge as author, coach and chef.  

Her laid back style and personalized step-by-step approach makes discovering and living your healthy lifestyle achievable

Patti Abel
Certified Pilates & Movement Instructor!
Patti Halyburton Abel, native of Franklin, North Carolina, has an extensive training background in Pilates and Movement Education.  

As a movement specialist, Patti loves incorporating other supporting approaches in her work, such as essential oils & supplements, to help her clients attain the best possible results.

Patti is patient, knowledgeable and attentive and has tons of tools to share and enjoys helping others reach their goals - whether it's for physical or mental wellness, or financial opportunities for growth.
Rachael Braden
Former Preschool Teacher & Now Homeschool Mom of 5!
Rachael is a former preschool teacher turned stay at home-homeschooling, oiling mom of five, who has always had a love for natural wellness. She started using Young Living Essential Oils when her daughter struggled with sleep and they fell in love. She loves helping families find natural, healthy solutions through Young Living, and the best part is she is able to help provide for her family while doing something she's passionate about! 

Her family has incredibly high standards when it comes to what they put on and in their bodies, especially their children’s.

Rachael would love to welcome you to their little corner of health and wellness and she invites you to join her in this amazing wellness journey.  


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