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Equine Wellness is one of my Passions!  I like to understand my clients' animals' needs and offer my services to make their lives better.  I also work with owners and teach them things they can do to minimize their animals needing outside help.

What is Equine Raindrop?  Equine Raindrop Technique is a simple and powerful essential oils application for the horse. It enhances the immune system, helps with discomfort and tight muscles along the spine by relaxing their muscles.  It also generally invigorates the horse. Essential oils have been found to provide relief for respiratory and digestion complaints, as well. Equine Raindrop is an amazingly effective adjunct to your horse's care and well-being and is perfect for your performance animals, to keep them in tip-top shape, as well as your retired pasture ornaments that are living out their final years in peace. 

What Equine Raindrop is NOT:  a substitute for medical attention or counseling with a health professional.  If your horse has medical needs, call your Veterinarian.  

Many moons ago, my first dream job was to be a jockey. My love of horses and the thrill I experienced when riding powerful horses drove that dream.

Life happened and I wandered far from my dreams, but I never lost my passion for horses and desire to do everything I can to support them holistically with massage and natural approaches to wellness.

I started painting them when I no longer had my own to admire every day, which led me to offering Oil Portraits to equine lovers!  It's my favorite thing to paint (with dogs being a close second)!

What better way to memorialize your beloved animals than in an oil painting!  Their time with us is much too short, but we can keep them in our hearts and minds with a painting.

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