Compelling Conversations

Focusing on Others

Compelling Conversations happen when we are interested, rather than interesting.   Asking open-ended questions and LISTENING intently are how we gain trust and show that we are genuinely interested in someone else and available to offer our assistance, if warranted. 

If we can get out of the desire to focus on ourselves and focus on others, we can create authentic relationships and create connection and trust. 

The following short videos will help you understand how to have these compelling conversations and create a real connection with others. 
Shift Your Mindset

None of us wants to come across as "pushy or salesy" and that's a good thing!  When you understand the value in sharing, you can change your mindset!  Watch this 7-minute video to get started.

Your Perfect Customer
Narrow Your Focus
Understanding exactly who will be interested and even excited for you to share your experiences is how to avoid people ghosting you.  Think about who (what kind of people) you want to work with.  Watch this 
4-minute video.

Ditch the Pitch

Now it's time to start looking at just how we share what we are passionate about without it sounding like a sales pitch.  Watch this 
7-min video next. 

Open-Ended Questions
Let's Get This Party Started!
Learning the art of open-ended questions can benefit you in all areas of your life!  This is not just about your business - it works in your personal life, your professional life - wherever you are that you come in contact with others!  This 5-min video can literally change your life.

Verbal Pictures 
Helping others "see" what you see!
Painting verbal pictures is how we help others really get in touch with and "see" how you can help them improve their quality of life!  If you're using open ended questions, painting a verbal picture is the next step!  This video is 10 minutes (a little longer) because it's really a critical step that you don't want to skip!

Dealing with Objections

If you're painting the picture of a better result effectively, you likely won't get any objections.  If you do, think about whether or not you've asked the right questions to overcome an objection.  If you do get objections after all your "compelling conversations" then don't resort to pushy and salesy.  Honor the objection and keep the relationship going - there's always another day, another time.  

If you have questions or want to share your experiences using compelling conversations, I'd love to hear from you.  Reach Out

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