Click above to see some testimonials and get a sneak peek at what the 14-Day Reset is all about!  There are a couple of options for how you would like to proceed with the Reset.  
1.  Choose the options through the above link to join the Team YL Private Vault for the Reset, where you will also get lots of community moral support and additional education as you go through the Reset.
2.  Scroll down this page and fill out the form to join the TEAM PEPPERMINT PADDIES 14-DAY RESET VAULT, where you will find all the resources you need, but will not be getting the extra community support from people outside our YL Family.  YES, you can join BOTH groups!
Team Peppermint Paddies 14-Day Reset!
If you want to join the Peppermint Paddies Vault, keep going and fill out the form below.  
The testimonials below are from past participants midway through the 14 days!
If you want to do the Reset more on your own (always ongoing), be your own "cheerleader" and are the disciplined type to do it on your own without extra moral support, you can access everything you need in a private, online vault in TEAM PEPPERMINT PADDIES where you will have access to the resources to guide you through the 14-Day Reset.  Start whenever you're ready.  Just fill out the form on this page to get started in the Team Peppermint Paddies 14-Day Reset Vault
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