Welcome to the 
"Love your Adrenals" 

This is simple, so let's keep it that way so that we stay consistent!  We are going to use these 3 products every day for two weeks.

Endoflex essential oil blend:  Apply 2 times daily (morning and night) to the thyroid (throat) and lower back (adrenals).  

Nutmeg:  Apply 2 times daily to the lower back (adrenals).  Wait a few minutes after applying Endoflex to allow it to absorb completely before applying the nutmeg. 

Sulfurzyme:  Powder or Capsules.  If using the powder, take 1 tsp. daily in your favorite beverage.  Many are already doing this with NingXia Red, and it is fine to continue that.  If you are taking capsules, take 2 capsules twice a day (total of 4). 

Please check in daily in the discussion room to confirm you are staying on track and if you have any questions, this is the place to ask.  If you want to share your experiences and how you are feeling, please feel free to share in the discussion room and encourage others on their journey!  Those fully participating in the discussion room will be eligible for prizes!
Lots of other YL groups are also doing this challenge, so be sure to get your products ready right away, in case they go out of stock.  We are going to have lots of fun (and prizes), AND these are some of the side effects you might notice from participating!  

  • Incredible sleep
  • luscious skin
  • happy hormones
  • more stable emotionally
  • less mood swings
  • happy thyroid
  • superwoman energy
  • amazing hair
  • strong nails
  • happy joints
Oh, and we're going to have some fabulous prizes to give out, so be sure to check in daily in the discussion room! 

Here's How to Participate:

  • Order the products, unless you already have enough to last for two weeks  (Endoflex essential oil blend, Nutmeg EO, and Sulfurzyme - either capsules or powder)
  • Join the Vault by clicking here
That's it!  The vault has all the information about the challenge, as well as a discussion room to ask questions and share your observations.   To be eligible for prizes, you must be active in the discussion room - either sharing your observations, encouraging others (tag individuals so they see you), giving updates on how you're feeling, or asking questions.  Make sure you have your notifications in the vault set so that you see what's going on in the discussion room - if you need help, reach out!  jacque@jacquemclaughlin.com 


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