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Meet Jacqueline McLaughlin

I'm Jacqueline McLaughlin ~
Today my life is all about the things that I love – family first – and then:
  • empowering others to achieve their dreams by conquering their limiting beliefs and creating the life they truly desire 
  • painting animal portraits to help people memorialize their fur babies forever
  • maintaining vibrant health through nature 
Many moons ago, my first dream job was to be a jockey. My love of horses and the thrill I experienced when riding powerful horses drove that dream.   Life happened and I wandered far from my dreams and was in survival mode for years as a single mom and a person who never wanted to work for somebody else - making them money, while they decided what I was worth in the form of a “salary.”  
I created a few entrepreneurial businesses over the last 40 years that have always been successful, and I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way!  The most important lesson I learned is that regardless of what I wanted to accomplish, it all hinged on my own mindset.   As Henry Ford said:  “Whether you think you can or think you can’t….. You’re right!” 
Every time I started a new business, it was for a reason – I became a Court Reporter and created my own firm because I was driven to work for myself and not someone else.   I never liked the thought of my future resting in the hands of someone else or being dependent on others for the success of my chosen profession.
Twenty years later, when the stress of court reporting was wreaking havoc on my health, I became a Massage Therapist (because massage helped me survive all those years as a court reporter), and a Certified Massage Therapy Instructor, because I love to teach others.  
This led me, quite accidentally, to become a wellness advocate – empowering others to conquer their limiting beliefs about their ability to create whatever they want – better health, optimal vitality to enjoy life to its fullest, more money, better relationships – you name it.  The world really IS “your oyster” as they say! 
For the last 18 years I have helped countless women discover exactly what they really want; what’s in the way of them getting it; create and execute a plan to recapture the vitality of youth and pair it with the wisdom of their life experiences to create a new life that is full of energy and vitality to live life to its fullest throughout their retirement years!   
My vision for you is that you become fearless and truly believe that the best is yet to come and that you can do anything, be anyone, have anything you desire.  All you need to start the journey is the courage to take the first step!   
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